We are living in the 21st century. This magical age of recorded sound began over a hundred years ago. Henceforth, the frontier of new musics has expanded wildly and continues to radiate. Sounds can now be heard and reinterpreted by members of vastly different cultures the world over, travelling time as well as space.

The golden age of the recorded music industry may be in the past, but the magic is still there for all – to discover,to share, to learn from, and to love, forever.

All this material exists to be loved and discovered; let us seek it out and enjoy it! We strive to generate as little waste as possible and we reclaim, repair, reuse and recycle all we can.

We believe in focusing on curation and quality.

All genres have merit, and as we seek to expand our own palates we hope to clear new paths and to blaze trails to new headspaces for you as you discover and re-discover the waves of the past.

We believe in fair pricing in buying, selling and trading.

We have worked with collectors throughout the world for decades, professionally, personally, and amicably. We seek new homes for your records, ones that will love them as you have. We want to reward you for sharing with us and spreading your music. When we sell a record, we want you to love it so we can ensure you acquire it at a fair value.

Ehren Salazar

Ehren Salazar

A passionate curator devoted to discovering, preserving, archiving and sharing his expansive findings. Since childhood, his appreciation for music and vinyl has been a tireless quest. This ongoing journey through space and sound has brought him a surplus of enchanting treasures and an array of uniquiley honed skills.

Have items you are looking to sell or trade? We would love to find them a new home! Get the details to us and we will get back with you very soon.


Through our offerings, we have cultivated excellent relationships with some dedicated heads in our community. Below we proudly showcase some kind words from good people.

LongHair Records has a great, always rotating selection of well-curated records from all genres. The vinyl is clean, and well labeled so there are no surprises when you spin it at home. This is a gem of hot wax, VHS, CD’s and fun. Stop by and check it out.

- Phil K.

This shop has something for everyone. This is a great store for beginner collectors to stock up on classics , as well as for seasoned music geeks to discover something new or dig for rarities. All genres and eras are represented including weirdo- fringe genres. The store also has an extensive collection of cult classic movies on VHS. The owner is friendly and knowledgeable. Also, a great and fair place to sell and trade records.

- Mando R.

It’s been quite some time that a shop in Albuquerque has carried music I like with an owner who makes good recommendations. If we’re friends, chances are music is your thing, and they’ve got a lot of it.

- Tyrone B.

Our Support Community

A special thanks to our community of talented individuals listed below who support our efforts with their resources and technical abilities. We couldn’t have made it this far without their hard work, knowledge, and faith.


Our city has many fine places to crate dig.

We have been shopping some of these places for decades and we know cratediggers like us are willing to look everywhere.

These are not our competitors, these are other members of our community worth mentioning.

We present to you a recommended list of other music profferers in burque.



A mainstay in albuquerque for over a decade. Astrozombies is also a highly curated comic emporium. This may be the best place in town to find new pressings of punk rock, avant-garde jazz, and modern issues in addition to a selection of used crates.


Charley's 33's & CD's

We bought some of our first records here as teenagers, including our first taste of dub and our discovery of the tubeway army. They’ve been open longer than we’ve been alive, and they keep the classic vibe strong.



Another passion oriented curator, mecca is essential to keeping abq quirky. If you catch them open, you will surely find something cool.


Nob Hill Music

A mellow record boutique in the historic and happening nob hill neighborhood, we have shared many experiences and much knowledge. We can vouch for their highest standards and enduring charm.


We Buy Music

A mainstay of albuquerque for decades that offers a true cratedigging experience.



Desert Lobster

In the middle of antiques & things features lovely midcentury furniture in addition to records, and is curated by the owner of the legendary natural sound, where we cut our teeth in the music biz. Recommended with fondness!



Their booth is on the western wall of antiques and things, and offers cullings from a mighty warehouse. This edifice is legendary and some say you can visit if you inquire.


Back Alley Records

Is featured in the abq collective, rather new on the scene but already clearly demonstrating a reasonable sense of value and honest grading. Highly recommended!



Are located in the spurline supply co and have a dizzyingly enticing collection in their record room, presented with class and selected with impeccable taste.


Vinyl Consumption

In the past, present and in-between indoor flea market, offers very well selected offerings with a special focus on punk rock, rockabilly, reggae and other fun merch!

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